Class Descriptions

We want your child to excel and enjoy dance, which is why we offer a variety of classes in addition to the required combination class. Note, class assignments are a guide and instructors may ask dancers to participate in another class to better suit their personality and skill set.

Ballet & Tap

This combination class offers students a foundation in two core dance genres. This class tuition is $45/month.

Ballet will cover the proper technique, posture, stretching, movement and performance necessary. Tap will introduce the basic skills, movement, rhythm and syncopation, creating a strong tap foundation.

Ballet, tap & Jazz

As students master the technique and certain skills in Ballet and Tap, they will be introduced to Jazz. These classes are 1 hour class $50/month and are for elementary students.


1 hour and 30-minute class is $55/month and are for high school students.

This combination class will continue to build upon the ballet and tap techniques already learned while introducing a more advanced curriculum, in addition to providing jazz instruction. 


Pre-Pointe will introduce students to the required training and technique for mastering pointe. It's designed to prepare dancers in Ballet for the study of pointe work. This class is $25/month. 

The curriculum is centered around strengthening the feet, ankles and knees while establishing proper technique and learning the pointe process before introducing practice in pointe shoes.

Students must be at least 11 years old. Dancers remain in pre-pointe until they are formally advanced by the instructor to study on pointe.


Pointe class provides classical ballet technique and training to safely prepare dancers for pointe performance. It allows students to take what they've learned from Pre-Pointe and apply it to class.  This class is $30/ month. 

Students will be given details on where to purchase their pointe shoes, how to adhere ribbon, and how to appropriately work in the shoes.

Students must be enrolled in a combination class and have been formally advanced by the instructor in Pre-Pointe to participate.

Additional classes may become available once staff assignments are completed. Check back for more updates. In the past, classes such as Dance Team and Hip Hop have been offered.