Apparel & Shoes

We offer tights and the proper shoes directly through the studio, giving you one less thing to worry about! If your child needs fitted for shoes, they need to be measured at the studio. Upon ordering shoes, it will take 2 weeks for delivery.

Apparel & Tights

Leotards and tights are to be worn for every class. Leotards may be any color you choose and tights must be pink or tan.

Skirts may also be worn, ask instructors for details on which skirts are allowed.

You can purchase at the following locations:

Micki's Dance Studio (tights only)

Bobby's Dancewear - 144th & Center

Target or Walmart


Dancers will need pink ballet shoes and tap shoes. The color of tap shoes will be determined in the first month of classes. 

Dancers taking a Ballet/Tap/Jazz class will also need a pair of jazz shoes. We will inform you of the specific kind and color prior to purchase.

All high school dancers will need lyrical shoes, which will be purchased through the studio for $20.

Other classes may need lyrical shoes upon discretion of the instructor.

Ballet - $20

Tap - $20

Price for Child's Size

Tap - $25

Price for Size 6 and Up

Jazz - $30/$35

(color may vary based on class)

Character - $45

Character Tap - $55

Lyrical - $20


Further instruction on purchasing and fittings  will happen in class.