2018/2019 Dance Schedule

Our class schedule for the 2018-2019 season 
Students will be assigned class times based on their age and previous experience.  
At the discretion of the owners, students may be asked to participate in a different class time to better suit their personality and skill set.  

4:30-5:15    3rd/4th
5:15-6:15  5th grade
6:15-7:45     7th/8th
7:45-9:15     Seniors

   4:30-5:15     Kindergarten/1st
5:15-6:30                4th/5th 
6:30-7:45                6th/7th

4:30-5:15     3yr/5yr
5:15-6:00     1st/2nd
6:45-7:30 Pre Pointe 2
7:30-8:30     Adults  

9:30-10:15    3yr-5yr
             10:15-11:00    Kindergarten/1st
11:00-11:45     Pointe 
11:45-1:15     9th/10th

We are accepting new registrations up until Nov 23rd!!!